Sandakan lang High Tea at Thirty8 Restaurant

 photo thirty81_zps613ac89a.jpg
Today we gonna go up high.. to the Thirty8

 photo thirty82_zps01a72109.jpg
and the reason for being here.. their high tea buffet. yum yum~

 photo thirty83_zps64f60a4d.jpg
i'm gonna get sugar rush for this.. but who cares.. once in a while?

 photo thirty84_zpsd62b31ad.jpg
one of the special drinks.... smoke berry soda i suppose?

 photo thirty85_zps671dfa2d.jpg
because they have berry in the soda... and ...

 photo thirty86_zpsaaac4abc.jpg
it's smoking~~~

 photo thirty87_zpsef0e7d9d.jpg
see what i mean?

 photo thirty88_zps4528e99d.jpg
nevermind about that.. buffet time...

 photo thirty89_zpsc3f91eeb.jpg
walking around the 38 floor and took some environment photos

 photo thirty810_zpsfec4fc20.jpg
high tea buffet area..

 photo thirty811_zps9da33ed5.jpg
a group photo before we leave.. all sandakan lang.

 photo thirty812_zpse95cdf83.jpg
view out of the windows... gosh.. this is high..

 photo thirty813_zps2cf61da8.jpg
their open concept kitchen.. say hi to the chef

 photo thirty814_zpsec3f8a8a.jpg
let me do a selfie here . hehee

 photo DSC04994_zps8ab6df07.jpg
special thanks to amy treats.. XD

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