Appspace Ramadhan Dinner

 photo companyDInnr1_zps62931ae6.jpg
it's time for ramadan dinner, and that's mean buffet time! seem like the got the name all wrong. Ms become Mr, appspace become apps space.

 photo companyDInnr2_zpsa77a8bf6.jpg
this year our dinner held at Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur.. kinda grand hotel.

 photo companyDInnr3_zps2fe20a7c.jpg
Local Malay food. yummy. rendang~ where is rendang?

 photo companyDInnr4_zpsd3f96d93.jpg
some group photo of our company ladies.

 photo companyDInnr5_zpsc7e612b4.jpg
oh here is the rendang place? can i have rendang plz?

 photo companyDInnr6_zps05fd0d39.jpg
that's the environment of the place. we're dine in the ball room.

 photo companyDInnr7_zpsc6496856.jpg
some live band with local instrument bring out the raya feel . nice

 photo companyDInnr8_zpscc4e4817.jpg
this is what amaze me. the  ice kacang.. with tons of variaties to choose from..

 photo companyDInnr9_zpsc05e8d2f.jpg
well.. i can eat few round just for the ice kacang.

 photo companyDInnr10_zps1535398d.jpg
the Blue member from appspace.

 photo companyDInnr11_zps14670f88.jpg
more appspace colleague.
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