[ Krabi ] First Day In Krabi @ Thailand

Hi Krabi~ i'm here~ lol.. initially this is a local island trip, someone we endup here in Krabi @ Thailand.

Beach~~ Krabi Beach ~

Ther others side of the beach, hmph.. is that fisherman boat?

it's our first day in krabi, and we'll explore Krabi beach tomorrow.

oh look!! That singlet have attitude, i like it!! i mean the singlet.. not the guy. lol

we took a transport to reach town for night market. and this seem like a ideal transport.

yay yay~ on transport..

The Cavemen Traffic Lights of Krabi Town

can be spotted in the town of krabi.

and here are we at the night market.

of course.. the main reason why we came here. for their food of course.

dare to try ? unknown snacks.. just hope your stomach able to handle it.

we stop by a liquor stall.. and what's with the bamboo?

it's the Bamboo Cocktails. let give a try...

here's the Bamboooooo cocktails.

and of course there is street performer.. this blue-man is photograph friendly

snacks snack snacks... sweep them all home XD

Cheers~ and we on our way back to our hotel.. while enjoy Thailand beer at the back

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