Appspace Jom Bowling Sessions

 photo appspacebowling1_zps78f5329f.jpg
bowling nights.. after some times. here's the bowling session again.

 photo appspacebowling2_zps43eba851.jpg
Jom blowing held a company bowling event in berjaya timesquare ampang superbowl.

 photo appspacebowling3_zpsa0c4c886.jpg
the difference is.. more staff more people more bowler compare to last time.

 photo appspacebowling4_zps6f2bc648.jpg
most of them are appspace staff

 photo appspacebowling5_zps714f105c.jpg
stop talking and start bowling

 photo appspacebowling6_zps05821b9a.jpg
we're competing each others in this bowling..

 photo appspacebowling7_zps8fe8887b.jpg
after bowling.. our dinner is ready and waiting for us.

 photo appspacebowling8_zpsc7a72991.jpg
and somehow.. i got surprised.. why?? i being called to received this.. i'm highest score?! i won the first prize!! yahoooo!!! lady of luck is by my side tonight.

 photo appspacebowling9_zps0a5ad6ce.jpg
beside that... our team won another highest total score too.. yippe. double happiness XD
thanks appspace!!!


Colourful Trips to Ipoh.

 photo ipoh1_zps52430e48.jpg
Guess this is my second ipoh trip in this year. but somehow different.

 photo ipoh2_zps1e686da0.jpg
first we went to this special full of arts cafe. kinda unique.. love all the walls painting.

 photo ipoh3_zps1d2f8659.jpg
and the hidden spot behind the cafe.. suitable for low profile couple.

 photo ipoh4_zps6fd16fad.jpg
and the decoration of the cafe is somehow simple.. and artistic. just nice.. even the mirror is good for group photo. XD.

 photo ipoh5_zpsdf988fa8.jpg
oh ya.. their food. yummy! look at their menu i have no idea what i'm ordering. but turn out a wagyu beef burger(called BAM BAM BURGER)..surprisingly nice.

 photo ipoh6_zps78166d27.jpg
the knife on the burger is somehow pulling my attention.. exactly like like this picture ,, who killed da burger?!

 photo ipoh7_zps71fade91.jpg
we didn't have enough time to explore everything, behind the shop there is a antique stuff corner. kinda cool if you ask me. sooo my grand father is using stuff my this.. hey look, that's my father child hood toy..

 photo ipoh8_zps073c36fc.jpg
if your biggest mistake to place your safe outside.. or maybe not.. seem like it's been here for some times.

 photo ipoh9_zpsd9cd0eea.jpg
hmph.. tons of book at the back. personal library? somehow remind me a friend of mine who from ipoh also love books.

 photo ipoh10_zps9b689d41.jpg
old school cafe feel. lovely feel?

 photo ipoh12_zpsc48491ab.jpg
rainbow colour building..now girls. pick your colors.

 photo ipoh13_zps7da63f85.jpg
i believe i can fly~~ piak! sob....

 photo ipoh14_zps05c62c01.jpg
okay~ here we are at the street arts place.

 photo ipoh15_zps3954b89e.jpg
Tada-da-da-da-da-da-da Batman! i did that a lot during my childhood. lol

 photo ipoh16_zps9c69eca1.jpg
Eagle Catching Chics.. favourite game during my childhood too.

 photo ipoh17_zps8fb97d98.jpg
keep pushing!! keep on pushing..

 photo ipoh18_zps6b5527b1.jpg
look! he found a pool, let's go have a swim!

 photo ipoh19_zps8609d8cd.jpg
come~ uncle bring you go see goldfish. LOL!

 photo ipoh20_zpsa545ed44.jpg
Humans VS Painting. enuf said.

 photo ipoh21_zps43b7278d.jpg
one is crazily smart, another one is crazily crazy. lol

 photo ipoh22_zps6e62a01b.jpg
omg!? how you come out form the painting?? go back in!

 photo ipoh23_zps404a63fb.jpg
colourful trip ma, even though our hightea also full of colours. the Rainbow Cakes

 photo ipoh24_zps3e0aa582.jpg
it's time for high tea and AIRCON!!!!

 photo ipoh25_zps5702caaa.jpg
seem like this cake make her remind something? or someone?

 photo ipoh26_zps773ced2a.jpg
Do you have a dream. yes i do. let's face it! let's sleep

 photo ipoh27_zps8a0952dd.jpg
best place to chill out relax and have a tea.

 photo ipoh28_zpsd7418bed.jpg
full of colours. love it

 photo ipoh11_zps6a9ce46b.jpg
night time we went to Ipoh Icity... glowing artificial tree by the river. created very nice reflection.
 photo ipoh29_zps36c39166.jpg
okay lar~ that's all for my colourfull ipoh trip. time to head back to KL. need to work tomorrow. tomorrow color? BLUE!!


Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival

 photo klpf1_zps0ecfbe87.jpg
Once a year KLPF is back in mid valley. although the heat of photography is faded. but i'm still decidede to give a visit.

 photo klpf2_zps65073d99.jpg
first thing i saw at the entrance is NIKON booth, photography taiko ma.

 photo klpf3_zpseeccd13f.jpg
oh look. the latest camera from nikon. it's called D750.

 photo klpf4_zps8d595c67.jpg
peoples are taking photo of the actual unit of the D750.

 photo klpf5_zps718823b7.jpg
front the front.. like usual nikon camera lo. can't tell any different.

 photo klpf6_zps347967bd.jpg
at the back, eh? that look familiar.. nice.. i would say this is a very useful changes, at least that's one of the reason why i bought mine.

 photo klpf7_zps5537a477.jpg
The Nikon Df.. very cool camera. retro yet hightech.

 photo klpf8_zps48bad63c.jpg
reach sony booth, seem like nothing much to see here. oh well...

 photo klpf9_zps006e6589.jpg
oh look, the Zeiss lens.. wanted to bring it home.. should i? maybe some others days. :)

 photo klpf10_zps5d720ca9.jpg
still amazed me everytime i look at the price tag of both this two camera... the Digicam price is higher than a PRO dSLR...

 photo klpf11_zps277b95e0.jpg
then i arrived at the Olympus Booth, heard this is the most expensive lens for the series.

 photo klpf12_zps307b8b53.jpg
look bulky on the camera too, that's OM-D that recently got popular by mirrorless trend. nice camera i would say..

 photo klpf13_zpse1c3ffca.jpg
the olympus camera bag. kinda special, how special?

 photo klpf14_zps7b9197e7.jpg
you can mount your lens here. lol! joking, just they place the mount ring at the bag. i think is kinda cool (geeky).

 photo klpf15_zps90cab0b9.jpg
model time!! didn't really shoot model this time.. anyway here some of it,

 photo klpf16_zps54d015e0.jpg
so... this is the so called Photography Clinic..no?

 photo klpf17_zps6762287e.jpg
every time i will take some nice photo i seen from the fair. so here is some.

 photo klpf18_zpscb61abba.jpg
love this shot. maybe i try take shot like this when i visit sekinchan.

 photo klpf19_zps7e1d2938.jpg
perfect timing on the banana boat.

 photo klpf20_zpsc4bfdd0d.jpg
colour run. omg.. that so so colourful!  you got colour, boy

 photo klpf21_zps5ee52f20.jpg
antique camera for sell.. only for collector.. slurps the lens kinda attracting

 photo klpf22_zpsa501865a.jpg
borneo themes. trying to attract more people to go borneo? hmph
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