Appspace Jom Bowling Sessions

 photo appspacebowling1_zps78f5329f.jpg
bowling nights.. after some times. here's the bowling session again.

 photo appspacebowling2_zps43eba851.jpg
Jom blowing held a company bowling event in berjaya timesquare ampang superbowl.

 photo appspacebowling3_zpsa0c4c886.jpg
the difference is.. more staff more people more bowler compare to last time.

 photo appspacebowling4_zps6f2bc648.jpg
most of them are appspace staff

 photo appspacebowling5_zps714f105c.jpg
stop talking and start bowling

 photo appspacebowling6_zps05821b9a.jpg
we're competing each others in this bowling..

 photo appspacebowling7_zps8fe8887b.jpg
after bowling.. our dinner is ready and waiting for us.

 photo appspacebowling8_zpsc7a72991.jpg
and somehow.. i got surprised.. why?? i being called to received this.. i'm highest score?! i won the first prize!! yahoooo!!! lady of luck is by my side tonight.

 photo appspacebowling9_zps0a5ad6ce.jpg
beside that... our team won another highest total score too.. yippe. double happiness XD
thanks appspace!!!

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