[ Krabi ] Island Hopping

early in the morning, we took a van and come to this place..

we're at jetty. yupe, we're going for island hopping today.

we are given 30 mins on the island to enjoy around... so..we snorkelling around

the first island we stop by is called Koh Mai Pai island.

this place also known as Bamboo Island. i think you can find the reason why it being call as Bamboo island.

there some distant between the sea and the bamboo's weird..

on the move~ look at the clear water !

okay~ we stop by a beach.. try and guess which beach is this.

any guess? see anything familiar?

it's almost surrounded by mountains... just a tiny opener to go out.

the Traditional Thai boat?

all these are done by mother of nature.. so cool

more wooden boat

i would say this place is heavily crowded..

everyone came here for the amazing scenery. just breath taking.

since i'm here. must take a photos :p

That's me and Law, my secondary schoolmate.

the view from the Rock

i just love the view form up here.

another side from the rock

swim~ swim~ swim~

oh... i forgotten to mentioned.. this place is called Maya Bay.

and then... we proceed On The Move again.

groupie~~ hey!! where am i?

some kind of old Bay? rest place?

after that they brought us to some place.. can't remember the name... and we starting to snorkeling

the fishes here? see for yourself, you can hand catch it ,

snorkeling is fun!

trying to capture water and island in a picture.. i did it

i just love the water clarity here. seem like the fish float in the mid air.

did i say LUNCH TIME? this is what happen when u carried fish food into water. you glad they are not Piranha.

and there is amazing coral under the sea.

here fishie fishie fishie

swim swim swim

back to beach, have a rest and let's call it a day. :)

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