LeeHom Galaxy 20th Anniversary Live In Malaysia

 photo leehom1_zps9b1cfb69.jpg
Tonight will be filled with live musics. because i'll going to LeeHom concert tonight.

 photo leehom5_zps4426fd1a.jpg
reach there slightly early and what we can do is wait..

 photo leehom11_zpsd9d9b2c4.jpg
unfortunately... it rains.... we got ourself covered, thanks for the organizer prepared raincoat

 photo leehom12_zpsf0cfcfe7.jpg
and sometimes later.. the concerts begun..

 photo leehom13_zps07d06040.jpg
that's him.. LeeHom..

 photo leehom14_zps60106e8e.jpg
Leehom in action.

 photo leehom15_zpsc4949be1.jpg
leehom is in da house.

 photo leehom16_zps21642583.jpg
don't have binocular with me.. so mostly just look at the screen

 photo leehom17_zps1be73d6a.jpg
That's the LeeHom Concert in Stadium Merdeka

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