1600 Panda's at Batu Cave

 photo 1600pandabatucave1_zps6b6d52cd.jpg
1600 panda come to batu cave, so here we are.

 photo 1600pandabatucave2_zpsaa505c4f.jpg
Panda in BatuCaves

 photo 1600pandabatucave3_zpsac577ae0.jpg
seem like 1600 panda crew having a portraits session.. hmph.. that girl seem like yumi wong.

 photo 1600pandabatucave4_zps83ac9208.jpg
pandas~ pandas~ panda all around.

 photo 1600pandabatucave5_zps525deab2.jpg

 photo 1600pandabatucave6_zps2c4d29d9.jpg
overall view of the panda cage. alot peoples came here just for this panda.

 photo 1600pandabatucave7_zps5bc0651c.jpg
pandas pandas, but is there really 1600 pandas here?

 photo 1600pandabatucave8_zps6fdc0db0.jpg
must take a selfie with pandas.

 photo 1600pandabatucave9_zps43d3fe60.jpg
the signboard of 1600 pandas in malaysia tour

 photo 1600pandabatucave10_zps0f5ec0c5.jpg
some model or celebrities or radio dj? no idea.. but the white lady look a lot like ah Gil from Twins

 photo 1600pandabatucave11_zps55e8e3b3.jpg
shooting in progress

 photo 1600pandabatucave12_zps434fe648.jpg
selfie in progress XD

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