Comic Fiesta 2014

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Comic Fiesta 2014 is back once again.. thanks to a friend of mine for the free tickets. so here i am..

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i already late here.. around 3pm.. but the queue for the entrance ticket still remain long... (event ends at 7pm). glad i have the free tickets and skip the queue.

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the first thing that pulled my attention.. is this amazing's a Gundam  Exia from Gundam 00

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amazing details of the Gundam Exia

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okay... once entered the hall..... peoples everywhere....

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oh look.. i spotted Naruto Father, Minato Namikaze 4th Hokage.

 photo ComicFiesta6_zps54cafd4c.jpg
live dota tournament ? everyone is paying attention to the big screen.

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Grand Finals? hmph.. i don't care. lol

 photo ComicFiesta8_zps13a6819c.jpg
further inside.. arts booths. selling their own artwork.

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and i happen to come across this figure. the Evil Ryu with long hair figure.. amazing.. never see ryu like this b4.

 photo ComicFiesta10_zps5f393b40.jpg
another fine figure... i'm no idea what is this...

 photo ComicFiesta11_zpsad57b0f7.jpg
oh.. i know this one, Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier. from anime Fate Zero

 photo ComicFiesta12_zpsceed8b02.jpg
no idea... have no idea what character is this.. from which anime i mean

 photo ComicFiesta13_zps62b82ad5.jpg
Hatsune Miku.

 photo ComicFiesta14_zps9d1bbf86.jpg
and there is a booth selling sword... mostly cosplay wooden sword, for decoration purpose only..

 photo ComicFiesta15_zps96ad3dda.jpg
Alice in the wonderland.. no.. don't kill me.

 photo ComicFiesta16_zps34f2fec3.jpg
some artist selling their custom artworks here.

 photo ComicFiesta17_zps4eefe9fc.jpg
and i happen to spot a JOKER from batman.

 photo ComicFiesta18_zps08b26c5a.jpg
Saber from Fate Anime.. gosh.. she's pretty.

 photo ComicFiesta19_zpsd69c30e6.jpg
erm... look greats nice pose.. but i have no idea which anime she come from..

 photo ComicFiesta20_zps558cd5ad.jpg
no idea on this 1 too, but she's hot, that's for sure.

 photo ComicFiesta21_zps65994a63.jpg
oh.., look!! Guile.. from street fighter.

 photo ComicFiesta22_zpse99931a7.jpg
cute little girl. no idea which character she cosplay . i'm really getting old..

 photo ComicFiesta23_zps7f868bff.jpg
one piece members.

 photo ComicFiesta24_zps05d4e920.jpg
i believe this is some kind of a online game..

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Natsu Dragneel from fairy tales

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