[ Lombok ] Rinjani from Lake Segara Anak to Senaru Rim

Morning by the lake side. it's chilling~

view of the volcano lake in the morning.

and we started our trekking early for one reason. Bath, and the guide told us not to miss this spot.

tada~ the waterfall.. and this is not ordinary waterfall. it's look normal.. but this is Hot Sprint Waterfall... can't wait to jump in to the hot water, the weather is cold up here.

and on top of the cold environment and hot waterfall bath.. this fish which lives under hot water will give you massage while u stay still in the water. yupe as you guesses, fish massages.

back to the camp site.. packing up and ready to continue. just for your information. this is the mobile toilet we been using for this few days..

and.... that's the shit hole.

before continue, we shall grab some light breakfast..

a close up shot of the volcano found middle of the lake. no sign of lava. but hot smoke.

a group photo before continue

that's me and the volcano.

we trekking around the lake side.. very shallow standing ground available

and we reach the others side of the lake..rest for a while and...

starting to climbing up again.

after a long walk and climb. cindy just trying to loosen her join.. and yoga on the rock.

and continue to heading up again.. and the scenery noticeable getting nicer and nicer

same goes to the road..stipper and stipper... get your glove ready.

and we arrive at the Senaru Rim.. and some of the guides are taking rest... in their Sarong Hammock.. of sort of.

while waiting for the rest. we enjoying taking photos.

and the amazing scenery up here. and we were down there by the lake this morning.

wohooo, group photo sessions

i made it this far.. will be heading down later.
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