[ Lombok ] Rinjani from Pos III to Senaru

Guardian of the night. thanks doggie

when we just come out from our camp... yupe.. it's cold...

and here come there sunrise

and here's our breakfast meal!! yay~

more people awaken by the foods smells

departing from pos 3 to next pos..

even though we start earlier.. we been overtaken by portal.. who carried more stuff than us.

then happen to be traffic jammed on some rough route..

here is the Pos 2.. getting a rest then proceed to next checkpoint

finally... the moving kitchen is overtaking us..

poor tree.. chopped down just to boil water

try give a guess. who is PRO among them..

tada~~~ someone wanted to loosen her joint again. yoga time!!

our tour guide said he can do something similar too, then he did this.. XD

finally we reached the Pos 1.. very near to the our finishing line. look at the board.. POS EXTRA? 13KM? no thanks. XD

resting and waiting for our meal.

here it come. spaghetti bolognese! wow, when you're hungry.. everything taste extraordinary good taste

say cheeese

not sure is it the last checkpoint before the finishing. pineapple and honeydew is served!

Ho hoho,, look at that, could it be what i think it is?

Indeed!! some call it the Starting Point, but i call it our finishing line. the Senaru Gate.

and we spotted a milestone that marked "0" on it.

when some people starting here and i'll just take it as Remaining KM to the finish. and it ZERO!

Yay~ we made it!

marked another achievement.. damn.... it's tougher compare to Kinabalu Mount

and Cindy starting to do her Finishing pose. another Yoga style.

i so wish i can take back this milestone as my trophy.

when we busy celebrating and photo shooting, Kei goh and Kei sou showed up. congrats!!

when we saw that truck that gonna transport us back to hotel.. finally my legs can have a good rest.

Thanks to our fantastic mountain guide. portal and crew that taking care us for few days.. fantastic trip!

ok, advertise for them a bit, we joined Ahmed's Expedition for the trips.. that's it for Mountain Rinjani. once again i survived and next... is time to reward ourself.

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