Tenggol Island Diving

It's beginning of Jun weekend, i'm spending it on island.. erm.. sort of.

yeap~ this is what i mean. i'm off to diving in Pulau Tenggol.

and look.. a yellow coral

underwater coral that look like mushroom

oh look~ Bluespotted stingray.

and this is the Crown-of-thorns starfish,

some divers photos

ah-ha~! Nemo nemo. also known as crown fish. surprisingly common to find.

this is the Eel, snake like creature, you might know this creature very well.. that's UNAGI

our dive master playing is bubbles

The Great White Fin! appear from no where.

another underwater scenery

Divers, this way~

and we encounter few barracuda fish.

and this is christmastree worm(Spirobranchus giganteus).no doubt it look like christmas tree and it's colourful

oh look~ is that a sharp? quite tiny.. unfortunately is not a shark. wait.. fortunate or unfortunate?

the underwater world surface look like.

and we encounter a turtle by the reef. hello there~

look. i found a tiger fish.. erm.. no no a lion fish.. lol. always got it mixed up

a moment we hide behind the rock avoid now wash away by current

very nice diver tattoo~ should i? hmph...

sadly...  me and instructor managed to spot the humphead napoleon. unfortunately.. i'm low on air and didn't chase over to take a photo of it..
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