Sarawak Miri Diving trip

It's Beginning of September.. and i'm off to diving again. and this time, i'm heading to Sarawak.

and encounter with school of yellow tails fish

a lots of Nemo, oh ya, this time i managed to borrow decent dive camera to play with. seriously addicted with Olympus TG4

Jelly fish kind of creature floating just few cm from me.

cloudy and and ocean. just love the scenery

say cheeese~ you're on camera

and there is a lot of oil rig around this are.. sadly we didn't managed to dive at one

Christmas come early? jingle bell jingle bell

Scary Eel!!

and here is mouse and peggy

attempt to do a underwater selfie... is a yay or nay?

here is ivan and fanban

when everyone back on boat again.

ho ho ho.. darn near.. hello there ,porcupine fish

and one of the dive site.. is a abandon oil rig... and i was surprised and amazed by the number of fishes...

i'm totally speechless... oh man! we are surrounded!!!

this is exactly school of everything, yellow tails, school of .. waht ever...

go with the flow~ blend in and follow the crowd

yellow~ yellow yellow~

this is the abandoned underwater pipe . it's been conquered.

can you see anything in this picture? yes.. there is a stone fish in the picture. can you spot it?

diving with fishes is fun!

yellow~ black~ white~ silver~

count how many fishes are in the picture

fishes fishes.. i'm loving you~

it's a amazing dive site. and we'll proceed with next dive site.

nemo family~

oh look. spotted a blue dotted string ray.. it's kinda shy...

and this is quite eye catching sea creature.. the nudie branch.

and we spotted numbered of cuttle fish. i't amazing observing it in close range

i guess that concluded all our dives in sarawak.

dive loggin time,

that's all for my miri dive trips

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